Interactive Rendering

The amazing speed of the Photon Render Engine allows you to show your render scene in real time and full screen on your monitor. You can walk theough your scene, change the color of a material, move a light  or let the sun go down and everything in real-time.

Photon is based on Pathtracing. It renders physically correct (unbiased) images and videos.

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Flexible layered materials

In Photon you can combine several layers of materials and blend it together. There are Layers such as Diffuse", "Reflective", "Transparenet", Translucent" and many more, two dozent blend modes and up to 20 layers per material.

Using this system billions if natural or phanatsy materials can be created. And even though you have so many possibilities it is just as easy like Photoshop(R) layers.

The only limit is your creativity.

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